2024-2025 Letters of Interest due March 15!

Episcopal Community Services has been in the forefront of helping create a CULTURE OF COMMUNITY in the Diocese of Northern California communities. In every Deanery there are congregations that are quietly doing their part to improve life for its local area. Thanks to our generous donors ECS was able to fund over $47,100 of grants for open arms projects reaching out to the people in our communities.

St. Matthew's Center in Sacramento received the first year of a Warren Dunning Memorial Social Justice Grant for The Oasis Project. This project serves a neighborhood impoverished by decades of economic decline, suburban blight, demographic turnover, drug dealing, and gang violence. We love the name because the project creates a welcoming environment for the 1000s of people who enter the space with picnic tables, sailcloths for shade, improvements to the community garden, flags for signage, bike racks, block parties and improves the campus facilities.

Prosper Placer received their third year of funding from ECS in 2022. Prosper Placer services families who are struggling at or near the poverty line but are motivated to make lasting changes in their lives. Oftentimes, these families have "graduated" from what social services can provide and without community support slip back into poverty in a cycle of government assistance.

Prosper Placer places families in cohorts with volunteer "allies" who mentor them. The curriculum includes English skills, healthy eating, finance, budgeting, parenting and identifying resources within the community. Families secure better paying jobs, receive their diplomas and many show improved health. Childcare is provided at every meeting.

Prosper Placer is a model community project working with many different agencies and churches in Placer County. When asked by ECS what the biggest item on their wish list was, the answer was more volunteers so they could serve more families! SIgn up to volunteer by calling 530-887-1006.

Thank you to all the volunteers who give their time and energy to transform communities.

The 2024-2025 Grant Cycle has begun. Please be generous when you receive our newsletter or during the Bishop’s Appeal.  ECS wants to be able to help as many programs as possible in 2024.

        Stay safe. Be well.

        Cookie Clark, President

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