November 2018   
Application for Jerry and Jane Lamb Grants

Episcopal Community Services of Northern California (ECS)
The Bishop Jerry & Jane Lamb Grant
Guidelines for Youth/Young Adult Outreach Projects

Episcopal Community Services of Northern California established this grant to honor Bishop Jerry Lamb’s retirement in 2006.  The grant is to be utilized to support youth/young adults in providing social and health ministry projects within and outside the Diocese of Northern California.  The maximum grant request is $1,000.

Congregation sponsoring grant request ___________________________________
Rector/Priest-in-Charge/Senior Warden ___________________________________
Mailing address:_______________________________________________
City, CA zip code: ______________________________________________
Phone: ____________________  Fax: ______________________________
Email: ______________________________________
Federal Identification Number: (SS#, if individual) ____________________

Grant Project Manager: _______________________________
Phone: _____________________________
Title of Grant Project: _______________________________________________________
Amount requested: ___________________
1.    Provide a description of this youth/young adult outreach project.  Provide your congregation’s mission statement and how this project relates to that mission.
2.    Provide existing or prior experience in outreach ministries.
3.    Describe target audience of outreach project.  Include number to be served.
4.    How many youth/young adults will be involved with this project?
5.    How will this project be supervised?
6.    Describe any matching funds for the project.  Provide a detailed budget for the project, which includes both income and expenses.
Applicant understands that the submission of this document does not guarantee funding, nor that any funding will be allocated at the level requested.  ECS reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted in response to this request.  Final contract provisions will take precedence over the information contained in the proposal.  The undersigned hereby affirms that the statements contained in the application package are true and complete to the best of the applicant’s knowledge.  The undersigned is authorized to sign the application.

Signature: _____________________________________________
Date: _____________________________
Type/print name and title: ________________________________

Deadline for grant proposals is May 1, 2017
Submit via email (or for questions) contact: Betty Harrison-Smith (

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